Fronting the Village Green, you'll find York House nestled cozily in the centre of Bathurst! 
Browse the curiosity shop for all your souviners and trinkets - be welcomed into the Arms of Bathurst for a drink and catch a hearty meal with Zee Delicious - get all the latest tech and support to go with it at Tekserve and grab a pizza from the Pizza place on the way out! Want to stay longer? Want to see more of Bathurst? The Bathurst Backpackers is situated conveniently upstairs and can offer you a bed to rest in - as well as coffee in the morning - for only R150 per night! 


We'll soon be offering bicycle tours and kayaking for a rental fee so you can really explore Bathurst and see what it has to offer! 
Venture outside of the tiny hub of the village for a countryside adventure and see all of the hidden gems no one tells you about - show your interest ahead of time 

and get notified when kayaking and historical bicycle tours become available! 

email for more information! 

The Bathurst Arms


 In the Centre of Bathurst (and the Universe, if you believe the locals).

Housed in historic York House, the Bathurst Arms, Kitchen @ The Arms and Backpackers are all you'll need for your stay here in our quaint and quirky town. Fancy an evening drink? The Local has good friends and good company to go with it. Feeling peckish? Build your own toastie with the kitchen! Not to mention, when you've feasted and relaxed, a soft, warm bed is waiting just upstairs for you.

Contact John on 063 066 6832
or email Louwrens at

York House

The Bathurst Backpackers is situated in York House in the centre of Bathurst . From here, everything in Bathurst can be explored on foot or bicycle( Available to rent on site ) .

York House is also home to The Bathurst Arms and Kitchen @ The Bathurst Arms , where you'll find friendly locals and visitors alike. Good friends, and good company!
Tekserve provides our Wi Fi and PickWicks makes great pizzas ( Both also in York House, with pizza delivery straight to the Arms! ) .

Conveniently placed on the property is Die Paddastoel and the Curiosity shop. You don't even need to leave the building to have a great day exploring and enjoying the exquisite culture that makes up our village. 
 The famous Pig and Whistle is within crawling distance and Tori Stowes' Corner Shop ( with fabulous art and object d"Arts ) is on the other corner. Along with these,  
Treasure Cove, Fables Bookshop and Relix (on weekends) are just a stone's throw away.